is a Hinckley Custom Pilot 35, one of five ever created. She was built in 1964 for the owner of Hinckley Yachts, Henry Hinckley. 

We found Pelican in 2019 buried in the depths of a marina up in Maryland. It was not until a year later that we grew brave enough to enquire. Ryan and I stopped in the marina office one day and asked about Pelican. That's when we learned that she was going through her third refit and the owner could no longer manage the project. After a 2-hour phone call, the gentleman offered us an "as-is" price we could not refuse!  

Pelican joined our family in March of 2021.  We spent a year restoring her and sailed her from Annapolis, MD to her new home in Manteo, NC in April 2022.  

SV Pelican


Hey everyone! My name is Ryan. I am a Master Captain and have logged over 15,000 nautical miles sailing the East Coast, Caribbean, Sea of Cortez, and Southern California. Learning to sail at eight years old, I became fascinated with the idea of traveling by water. By fifteen, I was a US Sailing Instructor and by twenty I was a licensed boat captain. 

Through years of experience and sea time I have developed a keen understanding of boat mechanics and great respect for the ocean. The sense of freedom and calmness the wind and water bring me is something I look forward to sharing with you. 


Ryan Thompson

My name is Jill. I am a captain, yoga instructor, dive master and chef. Growing up in Annapolis, MD surrounded by watermen was only the beginning of my sea roots.  It is what led me to the coastal college- UNCW and eventually to working as a chef on sailing catamarans all over the world. 

I learned to cook working under some fantastic chefs during my travels.  I have been fortunate to study in Europe, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and both the East and West Coast of the USA. It is the story of the ingredients I source and all of the hardworking fishermen, farmers, and artisans continue to inspire me. My cooking style is a balance of elegance and sustainability.  I cannot wait to share my Outer Banks tasting experience with you. 


Jill thompson

We fell in love on a roadtrip in North Carolina in 2011. Our shared interests of surfing, traveling, sailing, and live music still continue to be the glue of our relationship today. After a year of living and working in the corporate world, we found ourselves yearning for a simpler life by the sea. In 2016, we purchased our first sailboat Nalu. While living aboard on the Chesapeake Bay we were offered a job running sailing charters in the Virgin Islands. 

After an incredible five years we were ready to return home to North Carolina and start a business of our own. The purchase of our second sailboat led us to create Coastal Sols; a company that encompasses more than just sailing. We strive to inspire conscious living through an array of coastal experiences. 

Life Together