Pelican is the 28th Pilot 35 built by Henry R. Hinckley Co. She was originally built for Henry Hinckley and his family and was named Jaan which was  the combination of his two daughters first names Ja (Jane) and An (Ann).

Hank Hinckley remembers sailing the boat as a kid through the Bahamas and Florida waters with his family. “They were always considered the prettiest fiberglass boats my father ever built” Hank said.

The Hinckley family owned her for 6 years before selling her to the next fortunate owner who kept her up to Hinckley standards as did the following six owners. Three of the previous owners had done full restorations and refits through the years ensuring that this amazing vessel was always the star of the show while out sailing. 

While visiting Ryan's hometown of Shady Side, MD, we would occasionally walk around the
many boatyards and admire the abundance of classic yachts. One day we spotted Pelican hidden in the depths of the marina. It was not until a few years later that we grew brave enough to enquire. It was then we learned that the boat was going through its third refit and the owner could no longer manage the project. After a phone call with the owner, we knew this vessel was the start to our next chapter. 

Built in 1964,